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rNotify, rUPDATE, InfoDesk, Infiniti: Why Do My Sender ID Change for DND Numbers?

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rNotify, rUPDATE, InfoDesk, Infiniti: Why Do My Sender ID Change for DND Numbers?

“Why am I getting rUPDATE, InfoDesk or Infiniti on my phone instead of the Sender ID I used?”

You might have noticed a change of your Sender ID for bulk SMS sent to Do-Not-Disturb (DND) numbers, especially on the MTN network. This is due to a change of policy by the network operators which now requires that Sender IDs be pre-registered before then can be used on the corporate route.

At we deliver messages to all numbers including DND active numbers or auto-refund units for messages sent to DND numbers if you choose. We achieve delivery to DND numbers by using a special route (i.e. the CORPORATE ROUTE) which is able to by-pass the DND filter.

Of recent, policies guiding the use of CORPORATE ROUTE changed and it is now required that Sender IDs be pre-registered with the network operators before they can be used to deliver messages on the corporate route.

As a result, messages sent via the Corporate Route without a pre-registered Sender ID gets discarded and not delivered.

We noticed this and acted promptly in partnership with our international route providers to pre-register generic Sender IDs for use on the corporate route.

These are the sender IDs registered so far

  • rUpdate
  • InfoDesk
  • Infiniti

So in order to deliver you messages, our system intelligently changes the sender ID for messages being sent to DND numbers to rUpdate, InfoDesk or Infiniti.

Please note, other networks (Airtel, Etisalat and GLO) will receive your message with your Sender ID, including non-DND active MTN numbers.

If you would like to register your Sender ID for Corporate Route Delivery kindly send an email to helpdesk [at] and we will guide you.

Alternatively, to ensure your recipients recognize you immediately they receive your SMS even if the Sender ID changed we suggest you start your message body with your Sender ID.

“We advise you start your MESSAGE with your Sender ID so your recipients will easily recognize the Sender on opening the SMS even if the Sender ID changes.”

For instance, instead of “Hi John, Thanks for signing up….” you can change your message body to “BULKSMSNG: Hi John, Thanks for signing up…”. This ensures that even if the sender ID on your messages changes your recipient will still know who/where the message came from. This will still achieve the purpose of customized bulk SMS.

We still remain the best bulk SMS provider in Nigeria. if you are not yet signed up kindly create your account here and receive 50 FREE Bulk SMS units.


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