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You are special, you are a sister who fights wid me, plays with me, suggest me and shouts at me. But U r so softhearted and I love You my dear sister. Happy Birthday to you!
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May you have: All the joy your heart can hold; All the smiles a day can bring; All the blessings a life can unfold; May you get the world's best in everything. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
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Open ur Mind 2 Possibilities You’ll be amazed by what you are capable of achieving We are powerful beyond measure. May the Almighty God balance d equation 4 U dis new Month. Hapi New Month
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SMS Confirmations Sending out confirmations must be very reliable and prompt. Flight companies and hotel networks will use SMS confirmations as they need to relay such information to their customers at all times and especially when there are changes
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Payment Reminders The templates below can be used by companies that need to send out courteous reminders to their customers of payments due. This is most common among insurance companies, financial institutions and other organizations that offer loans to their customers.
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SMS Contest Templates Send text ‘DreamCar’ to 780-594-39 and you could win the car of your dreams. Winners will be announced at Kalim Automart on 30 June. How many elephants are there in the zoo? Send your answer to 349-5943 and stand a chance to win a trip to Europe.
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Staff Communication SMS provides companies a new platform to connect better with their employees. In using SMS, the company can now send quick details of meetings and even festival greetings to their employees in the shortest time possible at the convenience of their fingertips.
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Banking Templates The following samples are usually used by banks and other financial companies. They are usually very private and confidential in nature which means they need to be addressed directly to the recipient, conveying any information that has been requested beforehand.
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Appointment Reminders The following templates are most perfect if you are in the service industry. Whether you are a saloon or a clinic, as long as your customers need to make appointments, being able to communicate with them via SMS would make the connection faster and more reliable.
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SMS Polls SMS is commonly used to carry out simple surveys. This is most commonly seen among companies that use SMS to find out quick information about a certain service satisfaction level which could cover customer service, product satisfaction or any other issues related to the business.
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SMS Notifications and Alerts The templates below are commonly used to send out instant notifications and very good if you need to inform your customers about certain updates in the shortest time possible. As such, you will notice that logistics companies and banks would most likely use these messages.
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Life is become so busy that we are not aware of the fact that how fast time is passing. See this new month is starting and I wanted to wish best of luck at the beginning, because you are the only one I think every moment of my life and you always remain in my life. So I want you to stay in my mind just like previous month. I love you. Happy New Month
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