Bulk SMS Nigeria's Pricing & Billing

Affordable Bulk SMS Service for Individuals & Organizations: Send Bulk SMS to all Networks in Nigeria and over 600 networks across the world.

Our pricing is simple and straight forward. Your effective rate goes lower the higher your recharge volume, which comes in form of added bonuses.
Kindly see the applicable rate in the table below.

Unit Cost/Pricing for Bulk SMS
(For Nigerian and International Delivery)

Recharge Volume Price Per Unit Number of Units
₦500 - ₦49,999 ₦1.99 251 - 25,125 units
₦50,000 - ₦499,999 ₦1.95 25,641 - 256,409 units
₦500,000 - ₦4,999,999 ₦1.90 263,157 - 2,631,578 units
₦5,000,000 - ₦49,999,999 ₦1.85 2,702,702 - 27,027,026 units
₦50,000,000 - ₦99,999,999 ₦1.75 28,571,428 - 57,142,856 units
₦100,000,000 - ₦999,999,999 ₦1.65 60,606,060 - 606,060,605 units
₦1,000,000,000 & above Negotiable 606,060,606 & above
Payment Options

Our Charges for Bulk SMS Delivery to Nigerian Numbers
GSM & CDMA Networks (including DND numbers)

Network Operator & Code Price in Units Cost in Naira
MTN Nigeria
(0703, 0706, 0803, 0806, 0810, 0813, 0814, 0816 & 0903)
1.2 unit/page ₦1.98 - ₦2.39
(per page of SMS)
Globacom Nigeria
(0705, 0805, 0807, 0811, 0815 & 0905)
1.2 unit/page ₦1.98 - ₦2.39
(per page of SMS)
Airtel Nigeria
(0701, 0708, 0802, 0808, 0812, 0901, 0902 & 0907)
1.23 unit/page ₦1.92 - ₦2.49
(per page of SMS)
9Mobile Nigeria
(0809, 0817, 0818, 0908 & 0909)
1 unit/page ₦1.65 - ₦1.99
(per page of SMS)
DND Delivery via the Corporate Route
1.75 units/page ₦2.80 - ₦3.49
(per page of SMS)
CDMA Networks (i.e Visafone, Starcomms, Multilinks etc)
(0702, 0704, 0707, 0709 & 0819)
2 units/page ₦3.20 - ₦3.98
(per page of SMS)
Payment Options

Payment Options

You can buy Bulk SMS Units via any of the channels listed above.
We recommend that you pay using any of the auto-crediting options (i.e. Dedicated Bank Account, Paystack or Quickteller)
Payments via bank deposit/transfer to our regular accounts are credited manually after funds have been verified.

  1. Bank Transfer to your dedicated Bank Accounts (Instant Crediting)
  2. Online Payment via Paystack (Instant Crediting)
  3. Online Payment via Quickteller (Instant Crediting)
  4. Bank Deposit or Transfer to our regular Bank Account (Delayed Crediting)

Bank Transfer to your Dedicated Bank Accounts (Instant Crediting)
Zero Cost Transaction Fee

To fund your bulk SMS wallet with your Dedicated Bank Account account,

  1. visit www.bulksmsnigeria.com/my-accounts to view your Dedicated Bank Accounts details
  2. Your bulk SMS wallet will be auto-credited as soon as the fund gets to your Dedicated Bank account.

We recommend using your bank's channels (e.g. Mobile App, USSD, Internet Banking, ATM Transfer etc) to transfer to your dedicated Dedicated Bank account. Third-party transfer apps such as OPay sometimes fail and reverses to the originating account.

Online Payment via Paystack (Instant Crediting)
Mastercard, Visa and Verve Cards

To make online payment via Paystack,

  1. Visit www.bulksmsnigeria.com/paystack
  2. Enter the amount you want to recharge and click the 'Pay Now' button and you will be redirected to Paystack to complete your payment
  3. After payment on Paystack, you will be redirected back to our website and auto-credited.

Online Payment via Quickteller (Instant Crediting)
Mastercard, Visa and Verve Cards

To make online payment via Quickteller,

  1. Visit www.bulksmsnigeria.com/quickteller
  2. Enter the phone number you registered with in the provided box and the amount your want to recharge and click the 'Continue' button.
  3. Quickteller will then query our database and retrieve your Bulk SMS Account details.
  4. If the retrieved details is correct, enter your cards details and click on the 'Pay' button.
  5. Your account will then be auto-credited by Quickteller if the payment is successful.

Bank Deposit or Transfer (Delayed Crediting)
Payments are typically credited between 5 minutes - 2 hours

Account Name → Audacity Mobile Ltd.

037 045 6572

Guaranty Trust

Zenith Bank Account
101 569 7412

Zenith Bank

First Bank Account
203 314 4029

First Bank

Access Bank
077 587 2617

Access Bank

102 126 7751


Stanbic IBTC Bank
002 657 4359

Stanbic IBTC

Union Bank
008 532 7941

Union Bank

Skye Bank
409 113 1057

Skye Bank

Please note: The minimum amount accepted for bank transfer/deposit is ₦500.
Also, a ₦50 Stamp Duty Deduction is applied to any bank payment up to ₦10,000.

Payment Instructions

Payments via bank deposit/transfer are credited after payment is confirmed.
Crediting Service is available from 8a.m to 9p.m (Mondays to Saturdays) and 3p.m to 9p.m on Sundays. Hence, payments made after 9pm will be credited the next day.

If possible, please use your email address as the depositor's name or as the narration/description when transferring funds to our accounts.

Please note, that while there isn't a minimum amount requirement for online payment, the minimum amount accepted for bank deposit or transfer is ₦500

After payment, kindly complete the payment notification form here to have your account credited.

Consider making use of any of our online payment options (Paystack or Quickteller) to get credited instantly.

Starting from Monday, 23rd October, 2017 1st February, 2020, we will deduct ₦50 Stamp Duty Charge for all deposits/transfers up to ₦1,000 ₦10,000.