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I checked your doctor's prescription and it was lacking the most important medicine of all - the company of a BEST FRIEND. Get well soon.
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Your good health is what I will be praying for… morning, noon and night. I hope that the power of my prayers gets you up and about soon.
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Take good care of yourself, friend. We hope to see you up and running and back at garden again. This place just isn't the same without you.
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To the friend who is simply the best, I prescribe lots of love and rest. To the friend who’s always kept me happy, I wish a speedy recovery. Get well soon.
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I know you’re sick, but that’s not going to stop us from taking selfies together. Illness will come and go, but our friendship is forever. Get well soon.
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I very well know the reason why you are taking too long to recover, you are really being nursed well there. Jokes apart, but still, wishing you speedy recovery.
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I am not a doctor so I don’t know how to bring an end to your illness. But I am your friend so I definitely know how to bring a smile on your face. Get well soon.
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I wish that you can quickly leave that hospital bed, and spend that time with me instead. Your presence in my life makes me tick. How dare you fall sick? Get well soon.
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I know that you would be able to get through this by yourself, but why should you have to? I just wanted you to know that I am here for you always. Get well soon friend.
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Friends can do what doctors can’t – make you smile. Friends can do what medicines can’t – make you laugh. Friends can do what sickness can’t – help you recover. Get well soon.
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My friendship with you is better than a doctor’s knowledge of the human body. Doctors only know how to prescribe medicines, whereas friends like me know how to make you happy. Get well soon.
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From morning to night, everything seems dull. My life has plunged, into a disgusting lull. Without you, everything has turned dark. I’m waiting, for you to get back your spark. Get well soon.
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