Bulk SMS Gateway API for Nigeria

The #1 HTTP Bulk SMS API in Nigeria
with Sample Code and Implementation

Introducing Our Bulk SMS API

Our Bulk SMS Gateway API allows you to integrate your BulkSMSNigeria account with your application or website. This could be used for sending OTPs (One Time Passwords), Transactional SMS, Booking Confirmations, Auto-Notifications/Reminders and lots more.

Also, if you own a Bulk SMS Website, your can use our Bulk SMS Gateway API to your subscribers messages.

Our API is simple and easy to integrate. Should you encounter an challenge whatsoever, simply reach out to our technical team via technical{at}bulksmsnigeria.com or call David on 07037770033.

How To Send Bulk SMS With Our API

Step 1 Log in to your BulkSMSNigeria account or create an account, if you don't already have one -> (https://www.bulksmsnigeria.com/register)
Step 2 Generate an API Token here -> (https://www.bulksmsnigeria.com/app/api-settings)
Step 3 Send a POST/GET request to this URL -> (https://www.bulksmsnigeria.com/api/v1/sms/create) passing these values

  • api_token
  • from
  • to
  • body
  • dnd (optional) . Use this to set your DND Management option.
    The available options are 1 and 2.
    1 is for "Get A Refund for DND numbers", while 2 is for "Resend to DND Numbers using the Corporate Route". Default option is 2.
Example To send 'Welcome' via SMS to 07037770033 using BulkSMSNG as sender ID, assuming this as the API Token: 'qV4YFLAfIgLg9p3w[4%EV9'ecL63Y~c?7O'.

Copy and paste this to your browser or pass it programmatically via POST/GET

https://www.bulksmsnigeria.com/api/v1/sms/create?api_token=qV4YsDFLA fIgLg9p3wfeeF9ecL63Yc7O&from=BulkSMSNG&to=07037770033&body=Welcome
Please Note
  • The Sender ID is a maximum of 11 Characters.
  • The 'to' parameter can be in any of these formats 07037770033, 2347037770033, +2347037770033, +23407037770033.
  • You can also pass multiple destinations by passing an array to the 'to' parameter or separating the numbers with a comma.
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