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We Have Moved

As at 1st February 2017, has permanently moved to

If you have an account on, kindly create a new one on (our new platform) and we will migrate your units. runs on a brand new custom SMS management system with lots of exciting features. These include Delivery Reports, Delivery to DND Numbers via our Corporate Route or if you prefer an Auto-Refund of Units used on DND Active Numbers. Also, we have integrate an affiliate/referral system that would help you make money with Bulk SMS in Nigeria.

For any question, suggestion or feedback, kindly reach David on 0703 777 0033 or our Support Team on 090 500 300 90.

How to Migrate your SMSing Units

Create a new account on using the same email address
and/or phone number you used on

Verify the email and/or phone number you used on

Contact our support team via email (helpdesk [at],
live chat or text/call (07037770033 / 09050030090)